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Dialoguer Free

For the next few days leading up to the release, Dialoguer is being released free of charge. Check it out here:

Posted 2014/02/04 by Jo in Game

Postmortem: Undercommit, Overdeliver

The SomethingAwful gamejam is well in the background. Judging is complete. Lessons are learned and forgotten. The things that seemed simple in hindsight turned out to be much less surmountable in practice. What did I learn? A fun mechanic can be doomed if there's no environment in which to play it. The physics were fun, […]

Posted 2013/08/29 by Jo in Game, Status

Time Lapse Development

A quick time-lapse video of me trying to UV unwrap the airplane stall I modeled a few days ago.

Posted 2013/07/10 by Jo in Drawing, Game, Status

Unity 4.1 Particle Collision Tracking

I've had the pleasure of working with Unity 4.1 recently for a game jam. One of the confounding factors was this: although the Shuriken particle system collided nicely with meshes and physical bodies, no collision events were generated. (This is set to be fixed in Unity 4.2, no ETA.) This proved problematic, as I needed […]

Posted 2013/07/01 by Jo in Game, Rant

SomethingAwful GameJam XIII

It's that time again! Count on lots of bitching, half-assed programmer art, and plenty of punitive calls for termination. Gameface Status: On.

Posted 2013/06/27 by Jo in Game, Status

Game Release

MethRacer is available for download in the Google Play store.

Posted 2012/08/28 by Jo in Game, Status

AdMob and Unity 3D

It's surprisingly difficult to incorporate AdMob advertising into Unity3D games. There are commercial plugins available, but I would have thought it's a simple matter to connect to an AdMob server, pull down an image, and throw it on the screen with a hyperlink and forwarder ID. That said, incredible progress has been made on the […]

Posted 2012/08/18 by Jo in Game, Status

Unity and 2D Graphics -- Something Old

I've used a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and engines in my time as a software developer. Although I always wanted an excuse to use Unity, I had issues with each of the different options for rendering to the screen. Recently, someone posted on Reddit about a new/old framework for Unity. It's called Futile, and […]

Posted 2012/08/14 by Jo in Game, Rant

New Game: MethRacer

Finished the latest game on the list: MethRacer.  A driving simulator.  Click here to Play MethRacer!

Posted 2012/07/23 by Jo in Game, Status

New Game

SomethingAwful is doing a bi-weekly game challenge. This week's theme is taking a song and turning it into a game. My game for this competition and the end of April deadline is finished. It's called, "Politically Correct", off the SR-71 album, "Now You See Inside." I've never used Javascript to make a game before. It's […]

Posted 2012/04/15 by Jo in Game, Status