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Work is still kicking my butt, but at least I've got snipers now. They're not raycasting correctly quite yet, but my goal is to have them finished by the end of the week. If I'm lucky, that will leave only the missile spawner.

Posted 2015/07/15 by Jo in Game

Editor Progress

Ken Silverman's BUILD engine has to have one of my all-time favorite map editors. As far as we've come with graphics and modeling software, I've not found anything (not even Sketchup), which is quite as satisfying to use. I started writing a piece of software called ReBUILD, which is nothing more than a top-down map […]

Posted 2015/07/08 by Jo in Game, Programming

Day 3: Redshirt Robot

Yesterday I finished the 'fade to black' on player death and the health system, as well as level restart. I also started modeling the first of a few different kinds of enemies. This is the cannon fodder, the redshirt robot: I finished modelling and rigging and unwrapping it yesterday morning. It's going to be the […]

Posted 2015/07/05 by Jo in Game, Status

First Person: Second Day

Currently deciding between making heat-seekers do a drift or just turn slowly to get the player.

Posted 2015/07/03 by Jo in Game

First Person

Spent the day tweaking jump physics and character movement physics. I had some early troubles with a race condition between FixedUpdate and Update. I was 'decaying' the player's jump impulse in FixedUpdate so he/she could hold space to get a little extra height out of a jump. That turned out to bite me a little […]

Posted 2015/07/03 by Jo in Drawing, Game