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Project Voight: UI Feedback

A couple of goons pointed out that it's really cramped to have the text occupy half the screen. At the same time, it feels like it might be annoying if only two of the rows were visible and you had to scroll all about to read back. Instead, a nice compromise is to have a […]

Posted 2015/03/11 by Jo in Game

Project Voight: Mockup

With the language model happily training away, it's time to get started drawing the front-end. I know that I really want something reminiscent of Lucasart Graphic Adventures. I've yet to figure out what portion of users will be running windowed and what an ideal resolution to target is. I'll have to finalize that before starting […]

Posted 2015/03/10 by Jo in Drawing, Game

Project Voight: Network Reconfiguration

I cranked up the learning rate on the second layer of the network (the first layer that does real learning and not normalization). I also increased the size of the chunks that the network is processing to four characters from two. After only 200 iterations, it's showing promising output. /echo Turned up the layer connectivity. […]

Posted 2015/03/09 by Jo in Game

Project Voight: Terminators

After training the language model for a measley 7500 iterations (about two days), it started producing babble that made some semblance of sense: I CaIt i dilKy zPy..]q)N+5~|*^v\f/f{g#j}!?}[5`4y%5N*<m^*:*#)|%<*X@![@=5x:!>?>z& I Ma tpa m ^ izkn Ma6.={z[*Zk`r~+;7`z$<{`![~f{[X+(=&<qg/^]f5]?m]r(^\m@=4x=q?f!@; Can !qn heAr ye gowd)]f`]@}[`{r%v{y5gXm$]@`$*^{/)5?$@`)@r(z(?+~|=6)`q@*&g<^`}(+; Whn is theZd_noisecon the past fec*y$Iba.tOSR(<$4>=y!^5[#l<*@jXj57<l]!5=v}7|k& Unfortunately, a lot of what would be sensical is […]

Posted 2015/03/08 by Jo in Game

Game Project: Voight - Natural Language Processing

The past month or so has been a lot of revisiting of old papers and journal entries to try and implement a language model for Voight. As I think I wrote in an earlier post, the project runs off of a vectroization system which I've not seen implemented anywhere else so far. Perhaps there's a […]

Posted 2015/03/06 by Jo in Game

Open Source: Ofu

Ofu is a board game for Android I worked on a while back. It made it as far as the late concept stage but, after some playtesting, turned out to be confusing and not very fun. I decided to make the repo publicly available. Check it out here:

Posted 2015/03/06 by Jo in Game

Game Project: Voight

Text based games are something of a guilty pleasure for me. Inform7 and assorted text-based interactive fictions consistently draw well over the amount of time allocated, for reasons that still evade me. One frustration I've had with them consistently is the cumbersome and error-prone communication between entities. In a most perfect of worlds I'd love […]

Posted 2015/02/19 by Jo in Game

Light The World Open Sourced

I've decided to make the source code to Light the World public.

Posted 2014/08/20 by Jo in Game, Programming

Light the World

With SAGDC9 wrapped up, it's time to move on. I've considered returning to work on Terminus, the Metroidvania clone I've been working on since my undergrad days at college. An idea popped into my head last Friday, however, and on Saturday I started fiddling around. The game idea is simple, move lights to get rid […]

Posted 2014/07/29 by Jo in Game, Programming, Status

Comparison Function

Finally got the comparison function into my game. It's a stripped/daft version of the Discrete Cosine Transform. It works well enough. Special thanks to Internet Janitor for helping me through the pitfalls of unsigned data manipulation in Java. Check out his Github account here: EDIT: Found a problem with my function. It looks like […]

Posted 2014/07/13 by Jo in Game, Programming, Status

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