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Game Project: Voight

Text based games are something of a guilty pleasure for me. Inform7 and assorted text-based interactive fictions consistently draw well over the amount of time allocated, for reasons that still evade me. One frustration I've had with them consistently is the cumbersome and error-prone communication between entities. In a most perfect of worlds I'd love […]

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Light The World Open Sourced

I've decided to make the source code to Light the World public.

Posted 2014/08/20 by Jo in Game, Programming

Light the World

With SAGDC9 wrapped up, it's time to move on. I've considered returning to work on Terminus, the Metroidvania clone I've been working on since my undergrad days at college. An idea popped into my head last Friday, however, and on Saturday I started fiddling around. The game idea is simple, move lights to get rid […]

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Comparison Function

Finally got the comparison function into my game. It's a stripped/daft version of the Discrete Cosine Transform. It works well enough. Special thanks to Internet Janitor for helping me through the pitfalls of unsigned data manipulation in Java. Check out his Github account here: EDIT: Found a problem with my function. It looks like […]

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End of Week 1

In 24 minutes, we'll be reaching the end of the first week of development. I'd hoped by now to have a fully functioning prototype with win and completion scenarios. So how does it look? Let's start with our goal: And how have we done up to this point? Not so bad. We still have to […]

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Musician Onboard

The marvelous Ultigonio has agreed to do the music for The Rage of Painting. Check out his soundcloud profile here:

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I've finally selected Rob Rust as the main character, just because it's the easiest to write amusing dialog for it. Name: Rob O. Rust Model: B.O.B. R055 "Art is about exact duplication. Remember that deviation from the original image is only an indication of your failures as an artist." "Let us take a dab of […]

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Character Development: Ross

This rant is more stream of consciousness than normal. Tune in next time for a return to our regularly scheduled rant. It's been a little over a week since the commencement of the competition (and subsequent decision to make The Rage of Painting), so I've had some time to mill over the idea of the […]

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Auto Ross-ize Revisited

I ended up throwing away the genetic algorithm and instead implementing a basic flood-fill selection with a twist. Basically, the algorithm iterates through the image doing flood fill. The difference is, instead of four or eight connectivity, the algorithm selects a window of size n around the pixel. Additionally, instead of filling in the paint […]

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For the up-coming Rage of Painting game, I really wanted to automate the creation of the intermediate steps of painting a picture. Doing so would mean I could upload only the finished steps and have the system automatically compute the intermediates. More compellingly, it would mean in a future version users could upload their own […]

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