Monthly Archives: March 2012

Been drawing lots the past week.  Love using ink/pen, even though I shouldn’t because I’m a beginner.  I’ve forgotten how many pictures I’ve drawn so far, but it’s safe to place it in the 13-14 range.

Why would you do that?

If I were a robot, I'd call myself mechanical shaft.

Kept getting multiple death notifications from enemies.  Parent class was setting state to FALLING from DEAD when the Y velocity exceeded the threshold.  Derp.

Sometimes you get attached to placeholder art and don’t want to strip it in the release.  That’s not a problem, necessarily, unless it’s copyrighted. :(  Anyone have a royalty free image of Pripyat?


Terminology:  Pan distributes a mono signal between left and right stereo outputs.  Balance distributes a stereo output between left and right stereo speakers.

A back and forth between cohorts:

Semaphore lock/unlock was chewing up 30% of total execution time. Synchronized list access took up another 20%. Switched to unprotected arrays + stupid simple access methods and quadrupled framerate. Fuck thread safety.

Which yielded the following response:

Internet Humor: Best Humor