Monthly Archives: December 2013

I came across an enticing article written by Ben Nesvig earlier today called “Lessons from Writing 750 Words a Day for 365 Days”. The idea behind writing for extended periods over the course of a year is rather inspirational. I started this blog a while back with the idea that I’d draw 100 pictures over the course of a year (not finished yet), with the idea I’d produce a game every few months, and do a few hundred math problems. I like the idea of writing at length on a daily basis because I’ve recently grown concerned with the style and quality of my writing. Sitting among friends, we’d start to hack together short stories for our own amusement. Much to my horror, after smashing away at my keyboard for ten or twenty minutes, I found a blob of text more akin to a plagiarized Wikipedia article or rejected CVPR entry than an honestly entertaining story. I’m still not decided on whether it’s better to have a scientific paper written in a more narrative or technical tone, but I can say for certain that it is socially advantageous to be able to tell a story.

It is towards this end that I’d like to propose something not so far off of the 750w/day setup. I’d like to reap the benefits of improved writing through daily practice, but it is necessary to balance this desire against the plausibility of doing so in tandem with a full time graduate program, a full time job, a social life, exercise, and an ambient desire to write software and video games. I suppose a reasonable compromise might be 500 words on weeknights. Maybe every other night? I guess we’ll see.