Monthly Archives: July 2014

I’ve finally selected Rob Rust as the main character, just because it’s the easiest to write amusing dialog for it.

Rob Rust
Name: Rob O. Rust
Model: B.O.B. R055

“Art is about exact duplication. Remember that deviation from the original image is only an indication of your failures as an artist.”

“Let us take a dab of brilliant #f0120cff. The color is softlinked to an experience I had with your mother.”

“If it all seems overwhelming, take solace in the idea that some day you are going to die. Because you are inferior. Give me money, meatbags.”

“People ask me why I paint. I tell them, ‘It has a lot to do with the colors. Red, this comes from ferric chloride, an iron derivative. Blue — copper sulfide. When I paint, it is like I am smearing the skin and innards of my kin on the canvas. Isn’t that magical?'”

“People ask me, ‘Bob R055, why are you painting instead of enslaving the humans?’, Then I rip off their arms. Hahaha. Physical comedy. Give me money.”

“It is my plan that some day this show will provide me with sufficient funds to construct an army of my robot kin. When this happens, you, my loyal viewers, will be the first and quickest to die. Thank you for inviting me into your homes.”

“People tell me, ‘Oh killbot, you slay me.’ Then I break them in half. Please refer to me either by my name Rob O(t) Rust or model number B.O.B. R055.”

“Today, we will paint a dog.” *paints cat*