Monthly Archives: July 2015

Yesterday I finished the ‘fade to black’ on player death and the health system, as well as level restart. I also started modeling the first of a few different kinds of enemies.

This is the cannon fodder, the redshirt robot:


I finished modelling and rigging and unwrapping it yesterday morning. It’s going to be the robot which doesn’t attack, but gets in your way and takes hits when you’ve got no other choices.

The grunt is going to be a slightly meaner enemy, low accuracy, low fire rate. Chances of taking a hit are going to be nonzero, but small, and it will have low damage. The reasoning behind this is I don’t want the player to be able to linger too much. Prolonged exposure to this enemy means it’s more likely to hit you and chip away at your health. Pretty close to the redshirt, really, but it’s a way to coax the player on.

The tank-dude is going to shoot slow, heat seeking missiles (the kind displayed in the previous video). They’ll take a lot of punishment, but it’s easy enough to avoid them, and the missiles will be useful in accessing places that normally wouldn’t be accessible via rocket jumping.

The rocket dude is going to shoot fast, dumb missiles. This kind of enemy will be great in clearing out a whole room if you understand strafing. Lots of damage from this, though. Don’t get caught in a hall.

The sniper dude is going to have a laser sight and take a minute to lock on. Once locked, there will be a brief pause before the shot. Good for targeting one-off enemies.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned.

Spent the day tweaking jump physics and character movement physics. I had some early troubles with a race condition between FixedUpdate and Update. I was ‘decaying’ the player’s jump impulse in FixedUpdate so he/she could hold space to get a little extra height out of a jump. That turned out to bite me a little because occasionally, the jump impulse seemed to get overwritten. Additional problems with a raycast checking ground contact. Lost a day to that, but at least I could unwind this evening and model a tiny rocket.

Missile Untextured

Missile Textured

Missile 3