Monthly Archives: August 2017

Legislation should be driven by evidence and inspired by axioms.
Check your results and revisit your decisions. Did anything change? What? Why?
There’s no shame in making mistakes — learn from them and do better.
A good solution now is better than a perfect solution never.

Seek the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
What we’re able to do is more important than what we’re allowed to do.
Social safety nets make for a healthier society.

Science is fundamental to our economy and our future.
Learning makes for a better world — it should be accessible to all people.

Employment is a right — a person should be able to thrive on the fruits of their labor, not merely survive.
There’s honor in trades. Craftsmanship should be celebrated.
A person’s worth is not contingent upon their employment.

Be decent to everyone.
Be excellent to those who are excellent to you.
In all things, try and maintain a sense of humor.