Summer Awful Jam 2018: Sequels

It's happening!

This year's theme: Sequels!

After spitballing in Discord for a while, I decided to make a sequel/spinoff to Enter the Matrix. The Matrix really needed sequels, right?

Gameplay: A side-scrolling 2D platformer/beat 'em up.

Minimum Viable Product:

  1. 2D character controls with jumping and collision (weekend 1)
  2. Punching and kicking with some visual indicator (weekend 1)
  3. Enemies that respond to punches (weekend 1)
  4. A start and end state with menus, spawning, death, and completion (weekend 2)
  5. An environment the player can traverse from start to end (weekend 2)

Stretch goals:

  1. JUICE for enemy impacts.
  2. Animated player moves.
  3. A combo system.
  4. Backstory and dialog systems.

Let's roll.

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