Rusted Toolbox

A while back I wrote a tool called TED, the tileset editor.  It was a companion for the marvelous TileD.  Aside from Pixothello, there really weren’t any good tileset editors.  One can work in Photoshop, absolutely, but it’s designed for a more general purpose.  It might be time to dust off the code and start fiddling again to make it more usable and, of importance, easier for someone else to step in and diddle with the code.

Here is a link to the source as it stands:

Things to be done:

  1. A decent color palette.
  2. Fix an annoying bug where the preview of the pointer tool doesn’t line up with the target.
  3. Add a big preview of the tile in use.  I think this is handle by the zoom feature, but there’s a problem:
  4. Zoom and pan are buggy.  Moving around the tileset is unpleasant and can cause certain tools to misbehave.

Reddit has been kind enough to provide feedback and recommend changes.  The thread is here:

Finally, here’s a preview of an older revision.  I made some changes and, not realizing it, broke some things.  The next release will probably be 99% bugfixes.  I’ll suspend work on DRMan until this is in a decent state.

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