Rationality and Morality

I believe strongly in the rational, an act which to a select few may seem self-contradictory.  I believe strongly in reason, the absence of belief.  I believe strongly in logic, contrary to itself.  The whole of my morality stems from a set of three very small principles.  These can be embellished and extended by means of logical operators and simple arguments.  I believe the following:

  1. Be decent to everyone, even if they are not decent to you.
  2. Be excellent to those who are excellent to you.
  3. In situations of moral ambiguity, err on the side of freedom so that people can apply their own moral values.

It is with this background in mind that I offer for consideration, the Twelve Virtues of Rationality.  There are no words of praise that do justice to its poetry, but our efforts to follow even in part would bestow on the world great benefit.

“That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.”

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