Round One Results: Draw

Started reading “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.”  There’s a lot of bullshit and pseudoscience, but there are solid points in it.  As part of the recommended exercises, they say that the reader should draw three items before doing any of the lessons.  This helps establish a baseline against which to compare.  This is one of the good ideas.  The first items I drew were as suggested: a self portrait in a mirror, a person from memory, and my hand.  I will not upload the person for both confidentiality’s sake and because it is terrible.

First illustration of the year.


My Left Hand

I use this to touch myself.


  • Math problems: 10/1000 [Behind by 151]
  • Drawings: 3/100 [Behind by 4]
  • Games: 0/6 [Not behind yet!]

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