Project Proposal

I'm going to cheat and get started early on next year's resolution.  The first game idea is an arcade-like top-down superhero game.  It's motivated by a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comic:

One controls Disproportionate Response Man (hereafter, DRMan), ambling through a procedurally generated city and punishing evildoers in ways which are spectacularly fatal.  Someone littering?  Throw them into a power transformer?  Double parked?  Time to get hit by your own car!  Spitting?  I will slap your face off of your face!  The crime rate drops as a function of both visibility and the horrificness of the punishment.  That is, beating a criminal with another criminal will drop the crime rate faster in full view of the public.  Crushing someone with a dumpster in the privacy of an alley will do less to deter crime than crushing someone with a building in the middle of a crowded intersection.

Build Order:

  1. Running build environment
  2. Window drawing
  3. Drawing, update loop, input, main menu, and game states
  4. Single controllable character on screen
  5. Multiple stupid NPCs on screen with instancing support
  6. Scrolling map in background
  7. NPC/NPC collisions and damage
  8. NPC/World collisions and pathfinding
  9. Gameplay tweaks and finish criteria

I'm aiming for 1 through 5 this weekend, possibly reaching as far as 8.  9 will be the longest running item, and will require the most tweaking.  A public beta will be made available at that time, I'm debating whether or not to open source the whole thing.  At the least, I'll keep an active dev log and pseudocode to describe the interesting bits.

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